Singapore’s Best Travel Blogs – 2016 Edition

Across the blogosphere you will find a lot of incredible bloggers documenting and sharing their stories, photos and videos from travelling around Singapore, Asia, and further afield.

HomeAway has searched across the Internet to put together a list of the best Singaporean travel bloggers of 2016.

Let us know in the comments if you agree with our selections, and who your favorite Singaporean travel bloggers are!


 Miss Tourist

best Singapore travel blogger

Take a trip through Yulia’s fascinating blog, Miss Tourist, where she captivates readers with fun photos and enjoyable writing of her travels. Not only is this blog positively entertaining, you’ll also learn a lot about destinations you may not have heard of, but should definitely visit.

Miss Tourist has traveled to South America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, and in Southeast Asia. Along the way she gives the best ideas for interesting attractions and experiencing local culture with a sense of humor.


Wild Junket

best Singapore travel blogger

Wild Junket is an exciting travel blog written by Nellie Huang, a Singaporean-born travel writer currently based in Spain. As an adventure-traveler passionate about unconventional destinations, she has visited over 100 countries on seven continents. Explorers of fairly unusual and challenging destinations, she has trekked through South America, enjoyed a cruise expedition in Antarctica, followed the Silk Road, hiked volcanoes in Iceland and have para-glided in South Africa to name a few.

Nellie, being a professional travel blogger has eight years of experience in the field, with her work having been published in National Geographic Intelligent Travel, CNN, BBC Travel, Travel+Leisure Asia, Wend, Women Adventure Magazine, and many more famous online and offline publications. Take advice from the expert and read the Wild Junket!


A Girl and a Bald Guy

best Singapore travel blogger

As a Singaporean travel couple, the Girl and a Bald Guy have the best blog for the average Joe looking to escape office monotony. While they’ve detailed their trip expenditures as low, they emphasize the ability to travel comfortably and affordably.

Be prepared to read off-the-tourist-map type of world exploration, where the couple gives details on which destination in each country is worth the time and money. They give great tips on how to stay safe, have the most fun, and not to get ripped off while visiting some of the more famous and obscure sites.


Sunrise Odyssey

 best Singapore travel blogger

As Daniel and Gina explore the world, they’ve created an inspiring blog of unique adventures delving into each destination and giving tips for the ultimate experience. Their amazing and incredibly well written stories cover travels into Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Detailed explanations of budgeting, high vs. low risk ways to travel, well-organized information on where to stay, how to get from place to place, and expected costs are just some of the additional elements added to their guides. The blog is also completed with great quality photographs along the way!


Follow My Footsteps

best Singapore travel blogger

Spanning Asia to Europe to the US,’s travel blog takes you through a comprehensive guide of each destination of her travels. She does all the hard work for you so readers can sit back, read and view the beautiful pictures in the blog, from Southeast Asia beaches to the mountains of Ireland.

Her traveling bears Duffy and Paddington accompany each journey to replace her absence in photographs.


Adventurous Feet

best Singapore travel blogger

Plan the most amazing trip by reviewing Adventurous Feet’s trips throughout Asia. You’ll get awesome ideas on what to do in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries.

Take a trip during a seasonal festival, eat the local famous dishes and find the right accommodation that suits you for the vacation of a lifetime. There’s really nothing Adventurous Feet doesn’t cover for travelers wanting to read and enjoy photos about their next exciting destination!


The Occasional Traveller

Escaping the office routine is what motivates Jaclynn to get out and explore the world. Her blog, The Occasional Traveller, is a guide for like-minded individuals looking to expand their world outside of work in order to experience different cultures and travel new horizons.

Her website even features a section of articles covering travel recommendations for readers with very busy work schedules. Reading her blog on tropical beaches in Bali or artwork in Japan will get anyone in the mood to travel!


Irene’s Travel Blog

best Singapore travel blogger

Travel with Irene throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia while she photographs the destinations’ highlights in her travel blog. Get ideas on what to eat in Asia from this Singaporean expert on local cuisine.

As each type of food, especially Chinese style traditional and street food, is recorded, she makes detailed notes for readers to get informed and in the know. She also gives lots of advice on accommodation and finding the best deals while traveling.


Travel and Beyond


Joseph and Rosemarie, couple with a very romantic background story, maintain Travel and Beyond to record their adventures together. Joseph from India and Rosemarie from Malaysia, married after meeting in the Philippines and have since moved around the world together to finally settle in Australia where their award-winning blog has be selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. Some of their articles were published by Aerospace Singapore Magazine, The Jakarta Post, Destinations Travel Magazine, and Visit Canberra Tourism Board to name a few.

Their blog features excellent articles complete with historical details and quality photographs of each site they visit around the world. For those who love to learn a lot about the culture and history of the country they visit, Travel and Beyond is for you!


Elgena Hearts

best Singapore travel blogger

For a travel blog with details on food and fun, check out Elgena’s cute guide to destinations around the world. Each stop she gives insights into the country’s restaurants and local cuisine featured for sampling and dining.

She has traveled to Japan, the United States, Korea, Thailand, Dubai and many more countries. She posts photos and her impressions along the way. As a professed Hello Kitty lover and chef, there are pages dedicated to her hobbies and passions as well.



best Singapore travel blogger

Well recognized as a published travel blogger, Eunice’s blog has won many awards. She has won the  Super Blogger Award, Singapore Blog Awards and Asia Pacific Best Travel Blogs. Focusing on Singaporean attractions and destinations, each article includes highlights on fun activities.

Get inspired by taking a walk through her blog in Tanzania or read about her experience of Christmas in Finland. As one of the most diverse travel writers, Eunice does not disappoint in variety of countries and travel stories to keep you entertained.



best Singapore travel blogger

Travel in style with Shenny as she shows you the highlights of every country she travels and explores. Spanning 5 continents, the blog covers writings and pictures from her most fashionable exploits to her most adventurous.

Photographs throughout each post show the destinations and inspire readers to have fun and live life. Whether its relaxing in the ocean by fabulous beaches or taking an ATV out on the back roads, Shenny gives amazing recommendations to travelers looking to experience their trip to the fullest.


Explore Life Lah

best Singapore travel blogger

Explore Life Lah! Just follow Darren’s excellent blog posts to discover how much life you can explore in every corner of the world. His blog covers destinations such as Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Spain and many more countries.

Not only are the destinations extensive, Darren writes about his personal thoughts and  identifiable impression throughout each travel.


Rui Ying Goh

best Singapore travel blogger

A blog perfect for foodies! Discover the local delicacies and amazing historical sites Rui Ying Goh visits during her trips around Asia. She spots the best food to enjoy while traveling since part of her blog also features international cuisine.

Her photographs take you through the journey of each country’s local accommodation, museums, and the impressions made by each itinerary. The blog also captures areas of fashion, with her recommendation on the best places to shop!



best Singapore travel blogger

Let Alex’s blog, Wanderlex, motivate your wanderlust with elegant photography and detailed writings. Inspired after his wife took him with her on a trip to Hong Kong, Alex has been traveling ever since.

His goal is to fit in exploring 50 different countries before he turns the age of 50.  So far, it looks like he will reach this challenge since he has already achieved to expand his horizons all over Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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