Japan’s Sparkling Inland Sea

Setouchi offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Japan

Setouchi is a region where the mild southern climate, soft sunshine and calm inland seas have made it popular for centuries among Japanese travelers. Its stunning landscapes are now attracting visitors from all over the world. And when they arrive they find even more to discover; from world heritage sites to diverse culture, food and a region rapidly becoming famous around the world for contemporary art.

7 Setouchi Prefecture


Ehime covers the northwest quarter of Shikoku Island and dozens of smaller islands. Ehime has the oldest hot spring spas, Dogo Onsen.


Kagawa is in the northeast of Shikoku Island. Many visitors come to Kagawa to enjoy Arts and Island hopping.


Tokushima is linked by bridge to mainland Honshu. Naruto Whirling Tides is the biggest tide in the world and worth to see.


Hyogo is in the Kansai region of the country’s main island. Kobe is a cosmopolitan port city framed by mountains, west of Osaka and Kyoto.


Okayama is known for its mostly rural landscapes, feudal castles and several notable art museums. It’s also a gateway to Shikoku Island via Seto Ohashi Bridge.


Hiroshima is bordered by the Seto Inland Sea and the Chugoku mountains. Miyajima, a world heritage, is a small island in Hiroshima Bay and known for its forests and ancient temples.


Yamaguchi is on the southwest side of Honshu Island. The capital city, also called Yamaguchi, dates to the 14th century, when a lord designed it to look like “The Kyoto of the West.”

Setouchi Prefecture Properties

Historic home in Ehime

Built during the Meiji era, this 120-year old building was originally a storehouse converted into a Japanese-style home.

Converted 100-year old townhouse in Ehime

Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese lifestyle and culture in this 100-year old townhouse, built during the Taisho era. Conveniently located for sightseeing the beautiful area of Uchiko.

Traditional Japanese villa in Hyogo

Step back in time in this 150-year old traditional Japanese villa. Surrounded by paddy fields, lush valleys, and woodlands, experience traditional Japanese village life.