Most Romantic Places in Singapore

Best Romantic Places in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to visit if you are a romantic at heart. Regardless of the budget that you would like to spend as a couple, there are many great things to do in Singapore. Taking a vacation to this destination is a great way to put a spark into your relationship or intensify the one that is already there. When you are looking for romantic things to do in Singapore, consider these ideas.

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Top Free Romantic Places in Singapore

Romantic walk in Singapore

If payday is still a long time away or if your bills exceed your current bank account, there is no need to mope around when you are in Singapore because there are plenty of free romantic things to do. Here are some suggestions for romantic things to do in Singapore if you do not have any money that you can spend on your next romantic getaway.

Stroll Arm and Arm Through the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great place for both of you to feel great about your relationship because reconnecting with nature releases happy hormones in your body. This garden is the first in the world to be named a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural World Heritage Site. Steel a kiss as you wander through the 3,000 species of orchids found there. Walk through the ethnobotany gardens to see the 300 species of plants that have played an important role in the cultures found in Singapore. The large rainforest makes a great place to take fun couple photos. See the many varieties of ginger growing in the ginger garden.

Learn more about visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens by visiting their website.

Be Amazed by the Singapore Spectra Light Show

You and your romantic partner will be amazed at the show presented during the Singapore Spectra Light Show. Throughout the 15-minute show, you will thrill at seeing the dancing water fountains, gawk in amazement at the visual art, get inspired by the soundtrack and enjoy the special lighting effects. This free show that is held at 8 and 9 PM Monday through Thursday with a special 10 PM showing on Fridays invites you to learn more about the unique cultures making up Singapore through its imagery.

Learn more about seeing Singapore Spectra Light Show, visit their webpage.

Stroll Around the Esplanade

Something exciting is always happening at the Esplanade, so take your loved one for a lively stroll around it. You are likely to encounter musicians performing a lively jazz tune, see dance performers moving to traditional dances and hear interesting experts speaking. At the Esplanade, there is usually great events in the evening making it a romantic place to visit as the sun is going down and allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze off the water. There are also many public art displays scattered throughout, so take time to enjoy them. Remember, however, that not all events at the Esplanade are free.

Learn more about visiting the Esplanade by visiting their website.

Walk Around the Supertree Grove

While most people go see the Supertrees at Garden of the Bay to watch the light show, you can have a romantic date there any time of day or night. These 11 trees are covered with more than 169,000 plants from over 200 different species. If you and your significant other are nature bluffs, then you might want to consider seeing who can find and name the most plant varieties. It is also interesting to note how the designers created different color schemes using plants within the grove. Of course, you will want to stay and watch the light and music show at night.

Learn more about visiting the Supertree Grove on their webpage.

Go on the MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

The TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir is a great place to explore nature from the same height as many of the trees. Walk across the suspension bridge built at the same level as the treetops. If you look very carefully, you may see flying lemurs and tree frogs. Be wary, however, of the long-tailed macaque monkeys as they can be mean. Rent a kayak or paddleboard for some added fun. Five hiking trails around the reservoir are great places to sneak away for some couple-alone time.

Learn more about visiting MacRitchie Reservoir by visiting their webpage.

Climb Mount Faber

If you are looking for an active romantic adventure that does not cost anything, then consider climbing Mount Faber. While there are several paths up this giant hill, one possible path is to start at Telok Blangah Road and walk until you reach Emerald Lodge. Then, head up the hill until you reach Faber Point where you can see a series of mural showcasing Singapore’s past. Then, head down the staircase to see the Merlion replica. Once you reach the summit of this park that never closes, then you will find Marang Trail with its well-maintained staircase to help you get back down the hill.

Learn more about hiking Mount Faber by visiting Time Out.

Work on Your Tan at Lazarus Island

Romantic Sunset in Singapore

Singapore is blessed with three beaches but the quietest of them is Lazarus Island. There you can lay on a beach towel in the sand while having a quiet conversation and working on your tan. While commercial entities skipped this beach, it is a great place to be with your loved one. The clear water is perfect for swimming on most days. Make sure to bring water with you so that you do not dehydrate. This is a great place to fly a kite. There are complimentary toilets and showers.

Learn more about Lazarus Island by visiting The Smart Local.

Romantic Getaways in Singapore

Go Birdwatching at Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park is a great place to go birdwatching in the early morning hours. Expect to see Baya weavers, parakeets, Oriental magpies and a variety of birds. Impress each other by being able to identify the birds that you hear singing. Stroll arm-in-arm along the boardwalk through mangrove forests, coastal forests, and grasslands. Consider taking the guided nature walk on the first Saturday of every month where you can learn about the plants that still grow in Coney Island Park that are considered extinct in the rest of Singapore.

Learn more about Coney Island Park by visiting their webpage.

Top Affordable Romantic Places

If you have tucked a little money away for a special romantic event, then there are several venues that you may want to consider in Singapore. Each one offers something unique, so choose the ones that best meet your needs and show your significant other how special they are to you.

Romantic Rooms in Singapore

Ride the Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car at Night

Go ahead and put your arm around your loved as you ride high above the ground on a Singapore Cable Car. There are two romantic cable car rides available in Singapore. You can pretend to be afraid of heights causing your loved one to squeeze you a little tighter as you ride up Mount Faber or see the island resort of Sentosa from high in the air. While your tickets will only be $15 to $35 depending on the line chosen, cut that price in half by riding after 6 PM allowing you to see what Singapore looks like from the air as the sun is setting.

Learn more about riding the Singapore Cable Car by checking out their website.

Cuddle Up on the Singapore Flyer

Watch the expression on your loved one’s face as they see Singapore below them on a 30-minute ride on the Singapore Flyer. While the basic ride will cost each of you $33, there are several ways that you can increase your enjoyment of a romantic date on the Singapore Flyer. Each ride features the Flyer’s multimedia presentation showcasing the Flyer’s history and the history of sites that you are seeing. You can choose to update your ride for an additional $33 allowing you to enjoy cocktails during your ride. You can also choose to dine while you are on the Flyer for $299.

Learn more about riding the Singapore Flyer, see their website.

Go on a Laser Light Cruise

For just $38 per person, you can go on a Laser LIght Cruise on the Singapore River. Snuggle up to keep warm as you pass by Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay during your 40-minute cruise. Pay tribute to the way that people used to travel when Singapore was much smaller by taking this cruise on a bumboat. Realize, however, that electric bumboats are better for the environment are now used. You and your significant other will have the choice of sitting inside or outside as you ride down the river.

Learn about going on a river cruise by checking out their website.

Go on a Dolphin Trek

For just $98 per person, you and your loved one can go on a dolphin trek on Dolphin Island. Put on the special helmet allowing you to breathe underwater and a wetsuit, then climb into the water. Soon, the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins will swim right up to you where you can pet them and interact with them in the special dolphin swimming area. Other dolphin encounters are also available, plus your admission price includes the ability to cool off at Adventure Cove Waterpark for the day.

Learn more about going on a dolphin trek by checking out their webpage.

Have a Drink at the Highest Alfresco Bar in the World

Rising 925 feet above sea level, 1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar is the highest alfresco bar in the world. Taking a date here is a chance to see 360-degree views of Singapore. In fact, on a clear day, you can see clear into Indonesia and Malaysia. Participate in their Sun Down Affair from 6 to 8 PM where you can watch the sun sink below the horizon while sipping on your favorite cocktails. While the price varies by the amount and type of drink you treat you and your romantic interest to, you can expect to pay about $18 for shooters, $30 for Japanese whiskey and $20 for party bombs.

Learn more about visiting the 1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar by visiting their webpage.

Stroll Along the OCBC Skyway Suspension Bridge

While the Skyway Suspension Bridge is filled with visitors during the day, walk along in the evening, and you are likely to feel very romantic. The 419-foot-long sky bridge is also a great place to snap couple photos surrounded by the natural beauty of Marina Bay. Try to plan your visit so that you can watch the Supertrees Grove Light Show in the background while standing on the suspension bridge that becomes illuminated with psychedelic lights. It will cost whoever is paying for the date just $8 for each one of you making this an extremely affordable activity in Singapore.

Learn more about visiting the OCBC Skyway Suspension Bridge by visiting their webpage.

Go Stargazing at the Science Center

The observatory deck at the Science Center is a great place to go stargazing. Organized events are often held on Friday nights with powerful telescopes prepositioned to look at interesting objects in the night sky. The Science Center also often shows fun public movies designed to educate couples in different scientific hot topics. The Science Center Cafe is a great place to grab a bite to eat as it is filled with scientific activities to engage with while dining. It will cost you between $6 and $12 to get inside the center, but some activities may have an additional fee.

Learn more about visiting the Science Center by checking out their website.

See a Movie at The Projector

While there are many different theaters in Singapore, The Projector is unique. This movie theater hidden inside the Golden Mile Tower invites you to experience many different types of movies including Indie films and old-silent movies. Bring your camera to capture a picture of the unique spiral staircase before taking your seat on the rows filled with beanbag pillows that invite you to get comfortable while watching a flick with your favorite person. The constantly changing array of films shown here means that you will want to check it out often, and with most films costing just $13 a person, it is easy to come here often.

Learn more about visiting The Projector by visiting their website.

Romantic Homestays in Singapore

Expensive Romantic Places to Spoil Yourself

Romantic Singapore Resort With A View

Stay in s Penthouse Apartment with an Ocean View

You cannot beat the views from this penthouse apartment located right in the heart of downtown Singapore and within minutes of all the romantic things to do in the city. Six beds give you plenty of choice on where to have some romantic fun. There are also four bathrooms. This ultra-modern apartment has a marvelous staircase. You can use the kitchen to prepare meals so that you can have more alone time together. If you choose to brag to your friends about the wonderful accommodation you found in Singapore for only $630 a night, then it even has free internet.
Learn more about this penthouse apartment by visiting this HomeAway page.

Dine at the Corner House

The Corner House has been named one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, and it is a great spot for a romantic dinner for two. You can choose to sit in the claret room, the whispering room or on the veranda. While you will need reservations to dine at this house that was constructed in 1910, make sure to come a little early so that you can enjoy a glass of wine in the reading room as this restaurant has the largest half-bottle selection of wines in Singapore. You will love seeing the art in this home turned restaurant. You can expect to pay about $219 to dine at this venue.

Learn more about the Corner House by checking out their website.

Get a Couple’s Massage at Ikeda Spa

There is no need to plan a trip to Japan to enjoy an onsen couple’s massage when you can just visit Ikeda Spa in Singapore. Your luxurious treatment will begin with a soak for both of you in a very special onsen bathtub that has been imported directly from Japan. Then, you will be given a handmade shea and coconut oil candle to light. Once the wax melts, it will be used while giving you and your loved one their massage. Next, each of you will receive a geisha facial before concluding your experience with a Japanese tea ceremony.

Learn more about Ikeda Spa by visiting their website.

Hire Picneeds to Set Up the Perfect Picnic

You can choose almost any public spot when you allow Picneeds to set up the perfect picnic meal for you. You can have your picnic in one of Singapore’s lovely parks or choose to have it on the beach instead. The company will cater to your needs with decorations, food, and entertainment selected especially for you. The only thing that you need to do is show up as they will even take care of all the cleanup. Many different ideas are possible, so contact them to work out a price, however, prices start at about $190.

Learn more about Picneeds by visiting their Facebook page.

Take a Cooking Class on Pulau Ubin

Ride the ferry to Pulau Ubin where you can take a cooking class in a 100-year-old village house. Be taught by a cook with over 17-years of experience how to make Singapore’s most-loved-signature dishes so that you can prepare them for your friends when you get home. Be taken to a wet market where you will be carefully taught how to buy the best food for preparation. Then, end your cooking class by eating the meal that you have prepared. Prices vary depending on the class and the type of food prepared, but you can expect to pay from $110 to $150 for this experience.

Learn more about Cookery Magic Cooking Classes by visiting their website.

Visit the Rage Room

A great way to get in the mood for romance is to visit the Rage Room where you can break things to eliminate all of the stress in your life. You will be put in a special suit and given a special safety hammer and allowed to break as many glass items as you can within an hour. Then, your date can have their turn. You can upgrade your package to replace the baseball bat with a crowbar and get special boots allowing you to smash things with feet. While the basic unlimited package will cost you each $350 for an hour, there are some cheaper packages available.
Learn more about The Rage Room by seeing their website.

Go on a CityState Dream Cruise

If you need to put a little spark back into your relationship, then consider going on a two-night CityState Dream Cruise leaving from Singapore. These cruises leaving between December and March are the perfect way to spend some quality couple time away from the city. Play together on the waterslides, challenge each other to see who can climb the rock climbing wall the fastest and watch world-class entertainment. Enjoy dining at many all-inclusive dining venues. Packages start at $399 per person.
Learn more about taking a CityState Dream Cruise by visiting their website.

Drive a Sports Car Around Singapore

Nothing may spark romance like driving a sports car around Singapore. Ultimate Drive Singapore will be glad to let you drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyders, Ferrari F430 F1 or other vehicles. You can even choose a couple’s package where you can each drive your own car and get a video recording at the end. The company offers several packages including some on the F1 Circuit course or you can choose to customize your own route. The company will also rent you luxury yachts and superbikes if you are looking for a different experience.

Learn more by visiting the Ultimate Drive Singapore website.


Regardless of what you choose to do in Singapore, you will love it because you will be spending time with the one that you love the most. Choosing your favorites from this list is a great way to ensure that you are building memories that you can afford.

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