Why Japan is a cat lover’s paradise!

The Cat has been a significant cultural symbol as well as the pet of choice for the Japanese. The Japanese obsession with cats has made the country a paradise for cat lovers. From the symbol of good luck, Makeni-neko (the beckoning cat) to shrines, cat cafes and pop culture symbols like Hello Kitty and Doraemon to cat themed merchandise, there is plenty of stuff celebrating the cute and cuddly feline.

The latest and greatest testimony of this country’s affection for the cat is the recently launched Hello Kitty themed bullet train.

1. The Hello Kitty train

Picture courtsey: www.cnn.com
Two of Japan’s most popular global icons, Hello Kitty and the bullet train have come together to give Hello Kitty fans the experience of a lifetime. The special train made its debut run on June 30 and will run between the western cities of Osaka and Fukuoka. The train offers an immersive experience complete with Hello Kitty worlds, photo booths, a memorabilia store and will announce its arrival with the Hello Kitty theme song!
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2. Cat Cafes

Surround yourself with adorable kitties in Tokyo’s many cat cafes. Squeeze some time into your itinerary, pay a cover charge and enjoy a relaxed time trying to win the heart of these fur buddies. Tokyo alone has over 35 cat cafes so finding one close to where you are staying shouldn’t be a hassle.

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3. The Gōtokuji temple

The Gotukuji temple with a display of over a thousand maneki nekos (beckoning cats) is a delightful sight. It is a photo opportunity any cat lover wouldnt want to miss. These cats with a raised paw are a symbol of good fortune especially for business owners.

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4. Aoshima Cat Island

Japan has about a dozen cat islands where the feline population exceeds the number of people living on the island. The Aoshima island is an unbeleivable paradise for cats and cat lovers. Cats are everywhere: Curling up, hanging out or ganging up.

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5. Cat Themed Merchandise

Take back adorable cat themed memorabilia to remember your trip to this meow paradise. There are speciality cat memorabilia stores like Necodan where you can find items to suit every budget. With over 1,500 cat-themed gifts available for purchase, you are sure to find a souveneir that you will cherish for years to come. Go ahead indulge in a cat themed umbrella to cheer you up on a cloudy day or a handbag to spread smiles wherever you go.

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