60 Activities To Do With Kids In Singapore

Activities To Do With Kids In Singapore

There are so many super fun things to do in Singapore with kids that you will never hear the phrase “I’m bored.” If you do, however, here are some activities that you will want to explore with your children.

Orangutan Singapore Attraction

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1. Have Breakfast with the Orangutans at the Singapore Zoo
When you choose to eat breakfast at the Singapore Zoo with your family, then you will be joined by a family of orangutans making it a great photo opportunity. The breakfast is served buffet-style so your children can get their favorite foods.

Learn more about the Singapore Zoo n Singapore by Our 3 Kids Vs. The World

2. Sniff the Flowers at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden
Children will adore visiting the farm, orchard, and forest at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. A tree house and a suspension bridge are great fun for little ones to play on in this garden. It is the first one in Asia dedicated specifically to children.
Learn more about the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in Singapore by Cheekiemonkies

3.Play on the Slides at Admiralty Park
Twenty-six slides will keep your children busy for hours at Admiralty Park. Everyone can enjoy playing at this park as it even has a no-barrier playground. Then, they can hike through one of the largest nature preserves in an urban park setting. Enjoy watching your children imitate the lively monkeys who live here.
Learn more about the Admiralty Park in Singapore at Little Day Out

4. Feed the Bunnies at Farmart’s Animal Corner
Your children are likely to squeal with delight when you let them feed the animals at Farmart’s Animal Corner. They can feed pellets to gruff goats, leafy greens to rambunctious rabbits, more pellets to schools of catfish and more.
Learn more about Farmart’s Animal Corner in Singapore by The Dead Cockroach

5.Ride the Virtual Roller Coaster at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand
There is so much to do at Sentosa 4D Adventureland that everyone is sure to have a great time. Enjoy watching a four-dimensional movie before riding on the virtual roller coaster. Then, grab a seat for a thrilling cable car ride. Finally, the journey to the topac of the Sky Tower.
Learn more about Sentosa 4D AdventureLand in Singapore at Sengang Babies

6. Make a Print at Keppel Centre for Art Education

Explore the role that shapes and light play when creating art at the Keppel Centre for Art Education. This center is a fascinating place to explore the works of many Southeast Asian artists before ending your journey by making your own print.
Learn more about the Keppel Centre for Art Education in Singapore with A List Singapore.

7.Ride on a Rotating Disc at Pasir Ris Park Playground
While Pasir Ris Park Playground has plenty to offer including a large playground, it is very likely that your kids’ favorite activity will be riding on the rotating disc that is powered by kids pushing it. This park is also a great place to have a picnic, play basketball, ride bikes and more.
Learn more about Pasir Ris Park Playground in Singapore at Kids ‘R Simple.

8. Play on a Tractor at Diggersite
Operate the small-scale construction machinery at Diggersite to allow your kids to build whatever they can imagine. Children are assigned a role as a construction worker, engineer, signaller, or safety officer allowing them to get a taste of what it is like to work on a real job site.
Learn more about Diggersite in Singapore at Little Steps.

9. Spot a Bird at Kranji Marshes
A visit to this 56-hectare marshland is a chance for kids to learn about nature. Climb the Raptor Tower to see birds and other wildlife from a treetop-vantage point. Stop in the shelters to learn more about the animals that call the marshland home. Go on a guided hike through the secluded area.
Learn more about Kranji Marshes at The Smart Local

Activities With Children in Singapore

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10. Play a Game at S’pore Discovery Centre
Learn more about the history of Singapore at the S’pore Discovery Center. Catch the five-minute movie showcasing the area’s history. Play the computer game to see if you could build a country. Take a pedal boat tour on the water, watch a show in the theater, go on a four-dimensional thrill ride and more.
Learn more about S’pore Discovery Centre in Singapore at Families for Life

11.Protect the Rainforest at the ArtScience Museum
The 50,000 square foot ArtScience Museum is a great place to learn about man’s efforts to save a rainforest. The 21 galleries in this building feature constantly changing exhibits. Introduce your children to the world of architecture with a visit to this unique building resembling a lotus flower.
Learn more about the ArtScience Museum in Singapore at Sassy Mamma

12.Pretend to Fight a Fire at the Fire Station Open House
Learn what it takes to be a firefighter in Singapore at a Fire Station Open House at most of the fire stations in Singapore on Saturdays. See where the firemen sleep, learn about their different roles and see their equipment in an up-close way.
Learn more about the Fire Station Open Houses in Singapore at The New Age Parents.

13. Try on Different Roles at the Science Centre
This space is specially designed for children between two and eight. Children can learn to be an archeologist by digging for bones, build things after putting on a hard hat, go grocery shopping and more. Then, head to the Discover Zone where they can learn about the human body.
Learn more about the Science Centre in Singapore at Adventures with Family

14. Go Mud Crabbing at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
See herons, kingfishers, monitor lizards and water snakes at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. This reserve has been named an Association for Southeast Asian Nations Heritage Park for its conservation efforts. Your children will adore exploring in the mud.
Learn more about the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Singapore at Actualyse

15. Climb Inside a Plane at the Air Force Museum
Explore the history of the Royal Air Force of Singapore at the Air Force Museum. See some of the planes and helicopters that the Air Force has used throughout history. View a TA-4S Skyhawk an Alouette III helicopter, and more. Pretend you are in control at the three-player multimedia simulator where you can pretend to fly your own combat missions.
Learn more about the Air Force Museum in Singapore at The Polliwogs.

16. Go Diving at the S.E.A. Aquarium
View more than 100,000 marine animals at the S.E.A. Aquarium. Consider attending the fascinating diving shows or make the day extra special by taking your kids on a backstage tour where they can actually dive with fish.
Learn more about the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore at Wagoners Abroad.

17. Get Wet at Adventure Cove
You and your kids will love a day at Adventure Cove where they can snorkel with over 20,000 fish, ride the water slides and wade among rays. If you are a parent that is just worn out, then a day on the Lazy River may be perfect.
Learn more about Adventure Cove in Singapore at The Wacky Duo

18.Work at KidZania Singapore
This 81,000 square-foot indoor amusement park offers kids from four to 17 to experience over 60 different jobs. While they are working children earn KidZania money that they can spend KidZania dollars. The corporation hopes to install six guiding principles in each child during their visit.
Learn more about KidZania in Singapore at Young Parents.

19.Explore Haw Par Villa
Since 1937, people have been going to Haw Par Villa to see the large dioramas, have their pictures taken with Sumo wrestlers and learn about the Monkey King. This is a wonderful place to introduce children to the myths, legends, and religions that make Singapore unique.
Learn more about Haw Par Villa in Singapore at Honeykids.

Kids Waterpark in Singapore


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20.Wild Wild Wet
Named one of the top 10 waterparks in Asia, over seven water rides and three playgrounds make this a great place for everyone to soak in the sun. A beginning water depth of only 0.3 meters allows even the youngest members of the family a great place to play.
Learn more about Wild Wild Wet in Singapore at Trevallog

21. SRT’s The Little Company
Your little ones will delight when they watch their favorite childhood stories come to life on a theater stage at SRT’s The Little Company. This group of professionals actors has put on performances throughout the year or let your children join in the acting fun at one of their camps.
Learn more about SRT’s The Little Company in Singapore at The Straits Times.

22. Make Art at the Goodman Arts Centre
You and your children can make all types of art at the Goodman Arts Centre including pottery, batik, ceramics, folk art and painting. Children can also learn to act and to dance at this center,
Learn more about the Goodman Arts Centre in Singapore at Singapore Motherhood.

23. Go Fishing at Kampong Village
Kampong Village is the last Kampong on Singapore’s mainland. Make sure to introduce your child to this peaceful community with its zinc-roofed houses before they are totally gone. Behind the village is a big canal which is a great place for families to go fishing.
Learn more about Kampong Village in Singapore at The Long and Winding Road

24. Build at the Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity
Your children will enjoy playing at Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity. Temporary exhibits mean that there is always something new to explore. They can engage with a story raft, building cubes, puppets, a chalk wall and dress-up clothes in this space designed just for them.
Learn more about Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity in Singapore at My Preciouz Kids.

25.Conquer the Obstacle Course at the Army Museum
If your little one is fascinated by army men, then let them experience being one at the Army Museum. Experience shooting an M15 and SAR21 rifle at the electronic shooting range, see how soldiers live, try to complete an official obstacle course.
Learn more about the Army Museum in Singapore at Little Day Out.

26.Hay Dairies Goat Farm
See over 800 goats at the Hay Dairies Goat Farm. This farm is the only goat farm in Singapore. Watch the goats being milked in the morning, then buy alfalfa to feed the goats. Children will love tasting the fresh goat milk.
Learn more about Hay Dairies Goat Farm in Singapore at Expat Bostonians.

27.Ride in a Luge at Skyline Luge
See if you can be the fastest around the track on a luge at Skyline Luge. Feel the wind blow in your face as you race around the 2.6 kilometers of tack. Then, climb aboard the Skyride to get a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island.
Learn more about Skyline Luge in Singapore at Life is in the Small Things.

28. Play Paintball at ORTO
Feed the kids at the six eateries at ORTO before enjoying the fun at this 24/7 recreational center. The little ones will love the trampolines while older children will adore paintball. Everyone will love fishing at the fishing pear.
Learn more about ORTO in Singapore at Spring Tomorrow.

29.Play in the Balls at Airzone
Climb onto the suspended net that is strong enough to hold two buses, and play in over 30,000 balls at Airzone. You will also want to throw the big bouncy balls, and see if you can find your way through the maze obstacle course.
Learn more about Airzone in Singapore at Shape.

Take the kids on a hike in Singapore

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30.Far East Organization Children’s Garden
Asway bridge, stepping springs, and the Fish Fountain makes the Far East Organization Children’s Garden a great place for toddlers to play. Older children will enjoy hanging out in the splash pad zone. This free area overlooking Marina Reservoir also features hiking trails, a rainforest tree house, and it is often home to music concerts.
Learn more about the Far East Organization Children’s Garden in Singapore at Green Roofs.

31. Take an Acting Class at Act 3 International

Everyone can be part of a show at Act 3 International. While a few of the classes are designed to last for several days, they also offer great one-day classes. Many of the classes are built around classic children’s books like Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.
Learn more about Act 3 International in Singapore at Our Parenting World.

32. Go on a Night Safari
If your children wonder what animals do at night, then a Night Safari is the perfect way to show them. Get onboard one of the special carts to see the elephants and big cats. Be amazed at one of the unique animal shows.
Learn more about Night Safari in Singapore at SuperMommy.

33. Fight a Fire at the Civil Defence Heritage Museum
See how firefighting equipment has evolved from the 1800s to the present time at the Civil Defence Heritage Museum. Children can even use water mist technology to put out a fire. End your trip in the sketching area where children can draw what they encountered during their visit.
Learn more about the Civil Defence Heritage Museum in Singapore at My Chirpy Life.

34. Visit the Singapore Art Museum
Something exciting is always happening at the Singapore Art Museum. Most summers, Imaginarium starts in early May and lasts until August. During this family-friendly event, many programs and temporary exhibits are held for families with each summer having a special theme.
Learn more about the Singapore Art Museum in Singapore at Luxo.

35. Watch the Rhapsody Light and Sound Show
Held twice each night, the Rhapsody Light and Sound Show frequently change its tune and display. This free show at the Gardens by the Bay will have your child gazing in amazement as the structures light up in the air.
Learn more about the Rhapsody Light and Sound Show in Singapore at Singapore by Hotels.com.

36. Take a DUCKtour of Marina Bay
This unique amphibious tour of Singapore will amaze adults and children alike. Once all are on board, then head down the street riding along like a normal bus. Then, the vehicle mysteriously turns into a ship once the water is reached.
Learn more about a DUCKtour in Singapore at Asiatravel.com

37.Squak with the Birds at Jurong Bird Park
Children will love seeing more than 5,000 birds at the Jurong Bird Park including over 40 endangered species. Then, let your little ones play at the innovative Birdz of Play playground before letting them explore more than 250 eggs at the Bird Discovery Centre.

Learn more about Jurong Bird Park in Singapore at Kids & Parenting.

Singapore Kids Activities - Play at the beach


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38.Play in the Sand at Sentosa Beach
While the Sentosa Beach offers all types of favorite beach activities like looking for shells, swimming in the water and laying in the sun, children will also love seeing the aerial stunt shows and riding the 450-meter long zip line.
Learn more about Sentosa Beach in Singapore at Enroute Traveler.

39. Walk Along the Promenade at Labrador Nature Reserve
The well-maintained promenade along the water is a great place for a family stroll or bike ride. This park contains the only legal cliffside fishing hole in Singapore. Consider hiking along the six-mile nature trail connecting to two other parks in the area.
Learn more about Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore at The Wanderer Blogger.

40.Play with the Turtles at the Jurong Lake Gardens
While the construction of the Jurong Lake Gardens continues, you and your family can still visit the Chinese Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. This makes a beautiful place to introduce your children to plants from around the world, and they are likely to love the bonsai trees. The highlight of the visit, however, may be playing with over 200 turtles that live in their own section of the Chinese Gardens. Do not leave without climbing the seven-story pagoda for amazing views of the entire area.
Learn more about the Jurong Lake Gardens at All About Singapore.

41.Paper Monkey Theatre
Watch a lively puppet performance at the Paper Monkey Theatre. Each piece is carefully selected to teach children values important to life in Singapore and the world beyond. Children can also participate in puppet workshops where they can learn the art of puppetry while making their own.
Learn more about Paper Monkey Theatre in Singapore at Tiffany Yong.

42. Go on a Bumboat River Cruise
Your children may have felt like they have stepped back in time when you take them on a bumboat river cruise. Go under up to 11 different bridges on your cruise along with seeing countless landmarks. Depending on the cruise, you may even be able to watch a laser light show from the water.
Learn more about a Bumboat River Cruise in Singapore at Amazingly Still.

43.Tour the Battlebox
History will come alive in front of your children’s eyes when you go on a tour of the underground Battlebox bunker. At this bunker located deep in the ground under Fort Canning Hill, children can see a reconstructed air defense plotting room, learn about the important decisions made there, and understand what it was like to never leave the bunker.
Learn more about the Battlebox in Singapore at Conde Nast.

44.Ride the Attractions at Universal Studios
At least 18 of the over 23 rides at Universal Studios have been designed exclusively for this park. This park is divided into seven themed areas making it easy for each member of the family to find one that they will enjoy. Leave time to enjoy the performances too.
Learn more about Universal Studios in Singapore at RWScoop.

45. Go on a Hike at Hindhede Quarry
Originally formed when limestone was mined out of the ground, the Hindhede Quarry is a beautiful spot to go for a walk. Start by strolling along the boardwalk, and you will soon find several trails heading up the hills overlooking the lake. Take along a picnic lunch.
Learn more about Hindhede Quarry in Singapore at UnTourist Singapore.

46.Ride the Cable Cars
Riding the cable cars is a fun adventure for the whole family. You can choose to start at Mount Faber with an optional stop at Harbourfront before arriving at Sentosa or start at the Merlion station with a stop at Imbiah Lookout station before arriving at Siloso Point.
Learn more about riding the cable cars in Singapore at Singapore Kid’s Places.

47.Bike at Pulau Ubin
Explore the rustic beauty of Pulau Ubin from the seat of a bike with your family. This beautiful island offers well-marked bike trails around the island. Shelters along the path make a great place to rest tired little legs.
Learn more about biking at Pulau Ubin in Singapore on Mum on the Move.

48. Eat Fruit at the Tekka Wet Market
If you are trying to get your children to eat more fresh food, then consider an outing to the Tekka Market. Children will be amazed at the variety of foods available here in both the wet and dry areas. They may also be amazed at the different languages they hear including English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.
Learn more about the Tekka Wet Market in Singapore at The Finder.

49.Sample the Cuisine at the Chinatown Complex Food Hawker Center
Over 250 vendors offer almost every food imaginable at reasonable rates at the Chinatown Complex Food Hawker Center. They may be able to sample barbecue stingray, satay, frog porridge, pork intestines and many other delicacies. The food here is very cheap, so it is a great place to eat without having to cook.
Learn more about Chinatown Complex Food Hawker Center in Singapore at The Best Singapore.

50. Watch Wings of Time
Watch the Wings of Time light show light up the night sky. Your children will be amazed at the show telling the story of two friends and a prehistoric bird as they journey across several landscapes. They will especially love the laser lights and the fireworks at the end.
Learn more about Wings of Time in Singapore at Headout.

Activities To Do With Kids In Singapore

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51. Go on a Hike at MacRitchie Reservoir
Walk above the trees at MacRitchie Reservoir. Your kids will love seeing the macaque monkeys and the flying lemurs in this natural setting. An 11-kilometer nature loop on a structure surrounds this park allowing you to be above the trees. Then, take them out in a canoe or kayak to complete the day.
Learn more about MacRitchie Reservoi in Singapore on Little Steps.

52.The Flying Trapeze
If your children have ever thought that you would like to be an acrobat in the circus, then you need to take them to the Flying Trapeze. After being strapped into a safety harness, they can swing upside down eight meters in the air. They may also enjoy the rock climbing wall.
Learn more about the Flying Trapeze in Singapore at Katong Kids Inc.

53.Tiger Sky Tower
Rising about 360 feet into the air, the Tiger Sky Tower is the tallest stand-alone observation tower in Singapore. Take your family inside the air-conditioned disc and rise to the top of this tower for amazing views of Singapore. On a clear day, children may even be able to see parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
Learn more about the Tiger Sky Tower in Singapore at Little Day Out.

54.Flowboard at Wave House Sentosa
The flowboarding venue at Wave House Sentosa is a great place to introduce your children to flowboarding. Each session lasts one hour and starts on time, so enjoy some tapas and other snack foods while you wait on your time to come. Then, hold on to your flowboard and catch a big wave.
Learn more about the Wave House Sentosa at Bohemian Travelers.

55.Pretend to be a Pirate at the Palawan Pirate Ship
Your children will love turning into pirates when they visit the free Palawan Pirate Ship. They will love arming the water guns, trying to escape the buckets of water falling on them or sliding down the slides to get away from other pirates.
Learn more about Palawan Pirate Ship at Honeykids.

56.Ride the Singapore Flyer
The 541-foot-tall Singapore Flyer is a Ferris wheel. Your kids will likely love riding on it as it circles allow them to catch fabulous views of Singapore. It was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world from the time of its construction in 2005 until 2014.
Learn more about the Singapore Flyer in Singapore at Kids We Go.

57. See the Wax Statues at Madame Tussauds
Your children will adore visiting the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum where they can see life-size wax characters. They can also race in a virtual race, watch a multi-sensory boat race and watch a four-dimensional movie.
Learn more about Madame Tussauds in Singapore at Learn more about Madame Tussauds at am.

58. See the Illusions at the Trick Eye Museum
Your children will love the augmented-reality art available for viewing at the Trick Eye Museum. The combination of art and technology may leave you and them baffled as you walk through this museum. This is a wonderful place to capture your kids in photos.
Learn more about the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore at A Juggling Mom.

59.Ride the Ziplines at the MegaZip Adventure Park
You and your children can fly at speeds over 60 kilometers per hour on the 450-meter-long zipline at the MegaZip Adventure. While it is the longest, it is not the only zipline available to keep your children entertained. Your family will also enjoy the racing ziplines.
Learn more about the MegaZip Adventure Park in Singapore at Mint Leong.

60. Feed the Butterflies at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
Boasting a collection of over 1,500 butterflies and over 3,000 insects, nature-loving kids will adore visiting the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. They are likely to gaze in astonishment at some of the butterflies measuring up to 15 centimeters across. Children are also likely to enjoy seeing the birds in the bird aviary.
Learn more about the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom in Singapore at Travel Singapore.

You better start your vacation planning now with so many great kid-friendly activities in Singapore. There is something in Singapore for everyone.

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