Hack Your Holidays!

As we take a good look at Singapore’s 2018 calendar, only four out of the 11 public holidays will fall on either Monday or Friday. However, if you are able to take that extra one day off from work and allow yourself a 4-day weekend, 2018 may not seem too bad after all. Take this time to travel somewhere close by and come back rejuvenated.

So as you struggle to plan when to utilize those 14 off days next year (lucky you, if you’re entitled to more), here are some suggestions to help you along.

New Year 30th Dec 2017 – 1st Jan 2018 (Sat-Tues) – Bangkok

HomeAway recommends Bangkok, as there is no better way to usher in the new year than stuffing your face with authentic Tom-Yum soup and Mango Sticky Rice right? Bangkok’s energy is infectious on its tourists, a place you are bound to enjoy.

The Big Bash

Grab all your friends and pitch in to make this New Year’s Eve a memorable one with this centrally located HomeAway.

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Average price per night: SGD 189

Hack It!: Extend your trip by a day and spend the first day of the new year in Bangkok! This gives you the opportunity to recover from a night of partying on the 1st of Jan and still have time for some last minute shopping before returning home.

Chinese New Year 16th Feb – 18th Feb 2018 (Fri-Sun) – Boracay

Chinese New Year is not about where you are celebrating at, but whom you are celebrating it with. Whisk the entire family away to the gorgeous island of Boracay for a different kind of reunion!

Hayahay Villa on Diniwid Road

A five minute walk from Diniwid beach, this large four bedroom villa is perfect to host the entire family for Chinese New Year.

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Average price per night: SGD 354

Hack it!: Take the 15th of Feb off and arrive on the island on the eve of Chinese New Year. This would allow you to have that long awaited Reunion Dinner in a different setting while having family all around.

Good Friday 30th March -1st April 2018 (Fri-Sun) – Penang

Penang is known for their authentic street food and rich history and culture. With lots of family fun activities and artistic murals to discover, a trip to Penang should be squeezed into your jam packed 2018.

The White House

The beautiful 3 storey terrace is situated in a quiet suburb, a short driving distance from the centre of Penang.

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Average price per night: SGD  168

Hack It!: Thinking of embarking on a road trip? Why not gather your friends or family for a drive towards Penang. Take the 29th of March off and head on over a day earlier, allowing you time to explore other cities along the way.

Labour Day – 28th April – 1st May 2018 (Sat-Tues) – Hong Kong

What’s better than a well-deserved shopping trip to Hong Kong (helps that this holiday falls right after pay day). Leave some space in that suitcase, since there will be much to take home from this particular vacation.

Luxurious Apartment in Kowloon

Located in one of the prime areas of Hong Kong, this large four bedroom apartment is able to hold up to 12 guests.

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Average price per night: SGD 574

Hack It!: Take the 30th of April off to enjoy an extra day in this metropolis. You wouldn’t want to leave this amazing city too early now, would you?

Vesak Day – 26th May – 29th May 2018 (Sat-Tues) – Melaka

Rich in history and culture with a touch of Portuguese influence, Melaka is a short 3 hour drive from Singapore. Gather your friends or family and head on another road trip out of the country.

Spacious 3-storey Terrace

Perfect House for Aces Group Holiday,KL6 - Image 1 of 29

The perfect accommodation for any large group, this affordable HomeAway is sure to make you stay in Malacca as homey as possible.

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Average price per night: SGD 88

Hack it!: With an awkward break on Monday before the Vesak day holiday (Tuesday), take May 28th off from work and rid yourself of the Monday blues.

Hari Raya – 14th June – 17th June (Thurs-Sun) – Chiang Mai

Escape Singapore this short break for a mountainous adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand! With amazing food and luscious greenery to surround yourself in, Chiang Mai is a great place to rejuvenate and recharge before tackling on the rest of 2018.

Teak Wood Luxury Villa

Chiang Mai Luxury Villa - Image 36 of 36

Surrounded by nature, unwind in this luxurious wooden four bedroom villa, located right by the Ping River.

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Average price per night: SGD 1103

Hack it!: Not ready to end your serene holiday? Leave on the 13th of June (Wednesday) and get an extra day for some well deserved R&R.

National Day – 9th Aug – 12th Aug (Thurs-Sun) – Taipei

A popular destination, known for their warm hospitality, street food, night markets and incredible architecture, a trip to Taipei is perfect for that National Day weekend.

Serviced Apartment near Taipei

A short walk from all the must-visits in Taipei, this cosy apartment room, is perfect for first timers and regulars.

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Average price per night: SGD 97

Hack it!:  As the 9th  of August falls on a Thursday, take advantage of this gift Singapore has given to you and stay through the weekend in Taipei.

Deepavali – 3rd Nov – 6th Nov (Sat-Tues) – Phuket

Another beach getaway in mind? We must state the obvious and recommend Phuket, for its food, sand and sun.

Grand Pool Villa

For maximum privacy, luxury and convenience. Check out this 2-bedroom villa, that has everything to make your stay the most comfortable.

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Average price per night: SGD 214

Hack it!: Stay on through to the 6th of November (Tuesday), allowing you more time away from reality back home

Christmas – 22nd Dec – 25th Dec (Sat-Tues) – Neiseko

As Christmas comes around, snow is always a good idea. Head on over to Niseko, the famed ski-resort town in Japan to celebrate the festive season.

Yuzuki House in Niseko

This four-bedroom chalet is designed with large windows which allows day light to enter and views of snow lined mountains.

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Average price per night: SGD 863

Hack it!: If you’ve been saving up those annual leave throughout the year, this year-end trip would be the perfect time to use them! Stay on for a week or two and usher in the new year with snow and good food.

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