Guide to Shopping the Great Singapore Sale

Great Singapore Sale Shopping
If you love hitting the bargains at the mall, can you imagine a sale happening throughout an entire country? The Great Singapore Sale does just that for two whole months during the summer! This huge sale gives visitors a great way to explore the country receiving amazing deals along the way.

What Is the Great Singapore Sale (GSS)

When: June through August

Where: Throughout the entire country of Singapore

Official Website:

Also known as the GSS, the Great Singapore Sale is an annual event that brings in shoppers from around the globe for two months of insane deals. A series of well-known Singaporean venues like the Tanglin Mall, Orchard Central, 313@Somerset, Tampines Mall, and Century Square serve as hosts for the top deals. The deals don’t stop there! The smaller local retailers take advantage of the ten-week event selling local and handmade merchandise.

In fact, the savviest customers know that some of the most exclusive sales actually happen away from the bigger venues in places like Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. This is mainly because most retailers don’t have to sign up for the event, but many opt to take advantage of the upswing in visitors to the nation by providing one-of-a-kind deals.

Initially, the sale event was going to be a one-time thing, but thanks to a massive turnout of more than 500,000 people back in 1994, it was decided to make the GSS an annual affair. Every year, hundreds of thousands flock to Singapore to take advantage of sales that can skyrocket to more than 70 percent off of retail for some items. In addition to this, BOGO sales are common on major retail brand names, and the event is continuously modernizing for new markets. In fact, in 2017, the event organizers even introduced an app that helped shoppers find the hottest deals.

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8 Tips for Shopping the Great Singapore Sale

Since this is a sale that covers the entire country for a 10 week period, it is going to be really difficult to locate all of the incredible sales that you will want to purchase. That being said, here are eight tips that can help streamline the process when you are ready to shop till you drop, and get the most out of your time.

Tip One: Plan Ahead

If you’re going to be shopping at the GSS, one of the first things that you should do is prepare extensively. It is a good idea to really get a “lay of the land” so that you can know which shopping malls are featuring sales on which days.

It’s amazing how many deals are running concurrently, so it’ll be in your best interest to execute as much due diligence as possible before you even set foot in the shopping areas. GGS has an accompanying app through Go Spree which will help you find deals right fro your phone.

Shopping At Orchard Road in Singapore

Tip Two: Bring a Friend

Bring a friend or the whole family with you to help carry bags. There will seem like millions of sale opportunities, so bringing a loved one to help you schlep all of your newly-purchased gear around can be very helpful. Remember, even clothing can start to get very heavy if you’re doing a lot of shopping, and the Singaporean sun in these summer months can be oppressive, so prepare ahead for a more comfortable experience.

Tip Three: Visit Smaller Retailers to Avoid Lines

Don’t always go to the larger retailers first. They usually have the longest lines inventory might be dwindling. Instead, check out some of the smaller shopping venues – just about everyone on the island takes part in the sale, so see what the mom and pop shops have to offer.

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Tip Four: Don’t Forget Your Coupons

If you’re going to check out the big name retailers, remember they often have other promotions running during this period. It’s a good idea to check out coupon aggregation sites to see if there are any extra coupons to print before your shopping trip.

Tip Five: Pace Yourself

Since some of these shopping sprees can last well into the nighttime, don’t be afraid to take breaks from time to time to avoid becoming completely exhausted! Not only is the island nation of Singapore very hot during this time of year, but you may also find yourself exerting yourself by carrying bags continuously and waiting on seemingly endless lines. For this reason, when you have a chance take a seat on a park bench and always stay hydrated because the last thing you want is to suffer from shopping heatstroke.

Tip Six: Be Patient And Look For Special Promotions

Like any shopping excursion, you’ll want to spend your money wisely.

From the start, you’re going to feel bombarded almost as soon as you step into your first shopping area. Retailers understand that this is the best time to make a sale, so they are going to bend over backward to provide you with discounts and deals that will get you purchasing. Don’t be rash! In many cases, you’ll find even better deals if you just opt to shop around a bit, so take note of the best deals that you see and file that information for later – you can rest assured that many of the best deals will be there when you come back.

Additionally, there are sometimes overarching promotions with various credit cards and via the aforementioned app. Something else to research before your shopping excursion.

parking for the Great Singapore Sale

Tip Seven: Use Uber to Avoid Traffic & Parking

Finding a car to drive during the Singapore sale could be difficult, but even worse is the parking. This sale drew over 1.8 million visitors last year and parking was few and far between. Shoppers had to walk a lot! That being said, a car service such as Uber is a great way to help you avoid high traffic areas without worrying about finding parking, and when you are ready to leave, you can call another Uber with ease.

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Tip Eight: Shop Online To Avoid Crowds

GSS online shopping is an option! Even though the venues are air-conditioned, you don’t have to hit up the busier retailers in person. There are a wide variety of online retailers that offer some excellent sales. It’s like a Black Friday but for 2 whole months!

Shopping from home is definitely more convenient, so hit up some of the local and non-local shopping sites like Lazada and Zalora, who are all offering GSS goodies. While you admittedly won’t experience the sense of exhilaration that you’d experience finding a truly epic sale, you’ll still be able to do some truly monumental shopping from the comfort of your own bed. Shopping at your staycation luxury rental sounds delightful.


So, are you ready to shop? The Great Singapore Sale is a wonderful reason to visit the country and explore the great sites that this country has to offer. Even though the GSS does not begin until June, you can start preparing now. Do some research and find shops in the area that piques your interest, and start making a game plan for next years sale.

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