Top Food Bloggers in Singapore

Top Food Bloggers in Singapore

While there are many fun places to explore in Singapore, many people come to this island nation just for the food. It’s a unique blending of many different culture groups gives it some of the best food in the world. You can count on those of Malaysian ancestry to make great food with chili peppers, shrimp paste, and coconuts while those of Chinese ancestry often cook with rice, wheat, and noodles. There is a large population of people of Indian ancestry living in Singapore, and they often cook with pearl millet,  mung beans, and chickpeas. The food from other ethnic groups is found here too.

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With so many different choices, it can be difficult to decide what you want to dine on or whether you want to cook at home or dine out. Let’s take a look at some of the top bloggers in Singapore because let’s face it, who knows the country better than the locals.

Lady Iron Chef - Singapore Food Blogger

Brad shares about food and restaurants in places that he travels. While some are located in Singapore, others are located around the world. He also shares his thoughts about food topics in the world along with interesting things that he discovers in his travels. Updated at least once a day, you will discover many treasures on this blog, but you have been forewarned that you will also find places to add to your own travel itinerary. - Singapore Food Blogger

Divided into five sections, you can read honest restaurant reviews on along with finding reviews of nightlife spots in Singapore. The video section keeps you abreast of the latest food news happenings on this island nation while the travel section suggests some places that you may want to visit. Multiple writers working with this food blog that was started by Seth Lui keep it updated on a regular basis.

Eat What Tonight - Singapore Food Blogger

Joyce shares her passion for cooking on her blog. A recipe index makes it easy to see if she has featured that recipe. A specialty section on her website features main entrees that are prize-worthy although they may be time-consuming to make. She also features many recipes that can quickly be whipped up at home in her cook’s section. If you do not feel like cooking, then she will also sell you cookies.

Overslept today so could only make it for lunch. Did a quick and easy Sambal Nasi Goreng (Sambal Fried Rice 参巴炒饭) using my new hotplate set from @recoltesg Some people has been asking about the difference between this and the other hotplate. I think other than aesthetic wise, the most noticeable difference is that this one can be fully detachable for washing. I have also attached a little video on how the whole hotplate can be dismantled. Also, sharing a little video clip and recipe below on cooking up this Sambal Fried Rice using the hotplate and cooking a sunny side up together. You can probably eat from the hotplate itself too, saving all the washing up ! 😂 #Recipe #食谱 (serves 1): 1/2 cooked overnight rice 1 tbsp cooking oil + more for cooking prawns and egg 1 tbsp minced garlic 2 tbsp ikan bilis 5-6 pcs prawns Some edamame beans (blanched) Seasonings (mix all together): 1 tbsp sambal chilli sauce 1 tsp kecap manis (sweet soya sauce) 2 tsp tomato sauce 1/2 tsp sugar Pinch of salt To serve with: Sunny side up Method: 1) Heat up some oil and cook the prawns. Remove and set aside. 2) Add 1 tbsp oil and saute garlic till fragrant. 3) Add rice and seasonings. Stir fry till rice is well coated with seasoning sauce. 4) Add edamame beans followed by prawns and cook till rice almost done. 5) If using same hotplate, push rice to one side and add more oil on other side to cook sunny side up egg. 6) When egg is done, off the heat and serve. . . #ewtonebowlmeal #午餐 #简单的美味 #懒人料理 #一碗搞定 #简易炒饭 #friedrice #今天吃炒饭

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After hosting a podcast series called Daniel Food Diary, Daniel started blogging about food because he feels that it is a universal necessity bringing people together. On this blog, you can read about ways to save at Singaporean restaurants along with being introduced to restaurants from around the globe. Readers can easily see what part of Singapore the restaurant is in making it easier to find great deals based on your location.

Food Vacations In Singapore - Singapore Food Blogger

This food blog is divided into seven different sections including eating, cooking, traveling and living. Tam Chiak translates to glutton, and you may feel that you are a glutton for the top food in Singapore whether you choose to cook at home or dine out when you read this blog written by Maureen Ow. Born into a family of foodies, she has done food writing, photography, and publishing for many top-end Singapore restaurants.

The chicken is on fire!

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Chubby Hubby - Singapore Food Blogger

If you want to know about food basics in a variety of areas, then make sure to check out this website. You can also trust this blog for special menus for festive holidays and events. Aun and his wife Su-Lyn also covers some restaurant news with a special emphasis on news affecting parents. They own the Ate Group who is an integrated communications group. It is obvious that they both love to write about food.

Just tasted – the new @mcdsg Rendang Sedap Angus Beef Burger. Surprisingly tasty. Something I'd actually order again. I like the contrast of the fried egg, raw onion, sautéed onion, and patty dripping with an extremely mild rendang sauce. The sauce helps make the 100% Angus beef patty more moist. Without it, I could imagine this being too dry. . I was very surprised when I cut the burger into quarters and saw that the patty wasn't crazily overcooked (swipe to see the cross section). That wasn't something I expected. I had expected to see grey all the way through so to see the burger cooked carefully really surprised me. . Of course, I can't say for sure if all of these will be so carefully prepared. Mine was kindly dropped off by @mcdsg just moments ago. I guess my son's Rainbow Fries suggestion and my recent public love for their ha cheong gai drumlets put me on their radar and onto their social media list. . Just want y'all to know I'm getting nothing out of this outside of a burger, coke and fries . 😂 . This new menu item launches on National Day (9 August). I don't know how long the promotion will last… All the press materials just say "for a limited period." 🤷🏻‍♂️ . . . . . #food #foodporn #foodphotography #sgfood #sgeats #foodstagram #instafood #delicious #yummy #igsg #nomnom #tasty #foodpic #gastroart #gastroporn #chef #love #freebie #mcdonalds #rendang #burger #egg #nationalday #singapore #mcdsg #rendangburger

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I Eat I Shoot I Post - Singapore Food Blogger

Dr. Leslie Tay is considered one of the foremost authorities in the world of Singapore’s hawker food culture. An outstanding photographer, each one of his post about great places to eat or food to cook at home contains outstanding photography. He also shares with you where to get great ingredients in the island nation for making your favorite dishes. This straightforward blog contains lots of helpful advice.

sg food on foot - Singapore Food Blogger

Derrick regularly blogs on restaurants located near various MRT stations. He dislikes calling himself a food blog, however, choosing instead to just share his honest opinion about various restaurants located near MRT stations. He rates each one on a scale of one to five allowing his readers to know if they should skip a restaurant or head to there immediately. He also includes an index of a restaurant list allowing readers to find out easily if he has written about a particular location.

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Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow - Singapore Food Blogger

Winner of awards from the New York Post and others, this food blog covers many restaurants in Singapore. The company often compiles a list of their favorite restaurants, meals under $20, a full list of Michelin-star restaurants in Singapore and many other categories. Their blogs are written with wit and each one contains brutally honest facts about the restaurant. While they sometimes go to media tastings, most of the reviews are based on meals that they have purchased themselves.

I Eat and Eat - Singapore Food Blogger

Started by the Chua family based on their love of food and photography, this blog has grown to incorporate several writers. When you follow this blog you can expect to find an article every three or four days based on a new restaurant, cafe, kiosk or other dining venue or a special deal that one is offering. You will also find food reviews from nearby places like Taiwan. Each post ends with a verdict.

6 and 7 - Singapore Food Blogger

Keep up with all types of food happenings in Singapore by following Six&Seven. This food blog often covers hole-in-the-walls that other blogs tend to overlook. In addition, they cover many new restaurants and find the best deals with others. Special details are included about favorite dishes at each restaurant along with menu prices allowing you to know what to expect if you decide to go.


Ms Skinny Fat - Singapore Food Blogger

Known simply as C, this food blogger loves life and it is clearly evident in the blogs that she produces. You will find reviews of restaurants, cafes, and brunches as C say she loves to eat as long as the calories are worth it. She admits that she hates food looking Instagram worthy that does not deliver in the taste department. On her website, you will also find travel advice.

GNineThree - Singapore Food Blogger

Char is all game to try any new restaurant or food as long as it is not war, and she shares her experiences on this blog. Her “Behind the Apron” section regularly features the owners or managers of a well-known restaurant in Singapore. In addition to Singapore, she has written guides to dine in Australia, United States, Hong Kong, London, and Macau. She also provides recipes to make desserts and pieces of bread at home or in a Singapore vacation rental.

The Chosen Glutton - Singapore Food Blogger

Updated a few times a year, The Chosen Glutton blog features quick one-liners making for fun-to-read reviews of restaurants in Singapore. While not the most polished blog in the world, you can definitely feel this blogger’s passion for food. Photographs shot when the food is placed on the table also helps diners get an honest opinion of what each place he reviews offers. He also occasionally reviews food trucks in Singapore.

The Ranting Panda - Singapore Food Blogger

Written by three different authors, one who got her job because she constantly complained that the blog did not rant enough, this blog contains lots of information on the different cuisines making up Singapore’s culture. You are also invited to follow along as one or more of the team head overseas for a travel escapade. A special section on the blog even gives readers a chance to rant back when they desire.

Dairy Cream Blog - Singapore Food Blogger

Li Tian invites you to experience Japanese and Singaporean food on this blog. While some of the posts are written in Japanese, you will still enjoy viewing the outstanding photography. The blog’s name comes from the fact that dairy and cream are basic ingredients in most desserts that Li loves to blog about.  You also have the chance to learn about snack foods and food trails that you may want to explore.

mons-diary - Singapore Food Blogger

Monice blogs most often about food, but you will also find fashion advice and travel tips on this blog. When not busy blogging, she runs a bakery. On her blog, you will find some promo codes for fashion and things to do in Singapore. She also features a roundup of restaurants in Singapore divided by cuisine and links that she has written about those establishments. This blog is updated roughly every two weeks.

alexis cheong - Singapore Food Blogger

Although you will find some technology, beauty, and travel on this blog, you will find some great Singapore restaurants reviewed. Alexis says that she will find the most positive reviewed restaurants because she wants to share the good news with her friends, family, and others, but she is not scared to write a negative review if the food is subpar. Outstanding photos of the menu, food, and establishment usually accompany each post.

Andy Storm - Singapore Food Blogger

While Andy is based in Singapore, he has traveled extensively. This blog features foods, restaurants and dining hot topics in the spots that he has visited including Bali, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Krabi. At each stop, he shows you pictures of what he is eating and suggests who the dining establishment’s main clientele may be for each restaurant. When you finish reading his blogs, you may feel that you have tagged along with him.

Chubby Botak Koala - Singapore Food Blogger

The husband and wife team behind the Chubby Botak Koala writes reviews on foods and restaurants that they have personally tasted. If a hawker, restaurant owner or other person has paid for the review, then it will be marked as an advertisement. If they are not impressed by the food, then the advertisement will be declined. Readers can expect to see about 70 posts per year from this duo.

365days2play - Singapore Food Blogger

After a successful career in the oil and gas shipping industry, the owner of this blog moved over to writing about Singapore’s food, lifestyle, and travel. Her well-written articles often feature specials you may want to try at some of her favorite restaurants. Additionally, you will find painfully honest reviews of restaurants so that you know to avoid them. When you follow this blog, you will also be able to learn why some of your favorite dishes are featured at certain restaurants.

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hungry ang mo - Singapore Food Blogger

Luke Otter has been a vegetarian since nine, and he hopes to inspire you to try vegetables in new and different ways with his food blog. Not only will you find out about popular vegetables He says that there is no better feeling that eating works from a chef working to perfection. In addition to foods from Singapore and reviews of restaurants serving vegetarian delicacies.

CAMEMBERU - Singapore Food Blogger

Whether you are looking to cook at home, in a vacation rental or looking to dine out, you can trust the advice from Catherine. Maintaining one of the oldest food blogs in Singapore has let to opportunities to write about the island nation’s food for other outlets including CNN and MSN. In addition to writing about Singapore’s food scene, she also writes about traveling to other Asian locations. You may find that every meal is an adventure when you follow her blog.

johor kaki - Singapore Food Blogger

Tony Johor Kaki delights readers with his personal stories about his favorite foods. Most of these stories are based on a trip to a local restaurant to eat that food. Sprinkled throughout the posts are recommendations on his favorite ingredients to make particular dishes and cooking tips. Beautiful photography accompanies every post along with recommendations on additional posts that the reader might enjoy based on the post that the reader chose to view.

sparklette - Singapore Food Blogger

While you will find some sponsored posts along with posts about gadgets, travels, and lifestyle, the main focus of this website magazine is on food from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Mediterranean and Western sorted by country. You will also find items sorted by type of establishment and the food that you are seeking such as burgers, cakes or coffee. Finally, you can find posts sorted by meals.


We hope that you enjoyed checking out some of our favorite Singapore food bloggers.

If you find great Singapore food bloggers, let us know in the comments because we all want to know about exciting tastes to try when we make a trip to Singapore.

If traveling is not in your near future, then the foodies on these blogs can help bring the tastes of Singapore to your home.

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