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10 places where you must stay in a holiday home and not a hotel

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The fall of 2016 saw a general increase in staycation interest among Singapore travellers. As seen in the high placements of Singapore City and Batam, and significant placements for neighbouring Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. While the majority of the other top locations are major cities in Asia, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. …

Chinese New Year is all about awaited family reunions, delicious feasts and thoughtful gifts. CNY is celebrated across the globe with much fanfare and is a festival which fills your heart with warmth, love, goodwill, and hope. With a wave of modernism touching the traditions, people are open to newer ways to celebrate. If you …

Not sure where to go next year? We bring you the best of the top trending destinations in Asia for 2017- places to see, things to do and experiences to enjoy!

We’ll be honest with you. There’s really no place in the world for which we consider a hotel to be the better option when compared to a holiday home. But we understand that there are times you do make that choice, and that’s forgivable – except in these places. Here’s HomeAway’s list of 10 places …

Autumn is a great time to travel! Picture this: cooler weather and the stunning foliage in golden crimson and tangerine hues.  Kyoto, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei, with their temperate climate, are especially spectacular in autumn. We’ve rounded up the best places to catch Nature’s most spectacular show in our favourite autumn destinations.

Here are our 2016 travel resolutions to make sure you have meaningful and enriching travel experiences this 2016.

Rich history, interesting cultures, and scenic views, these are our top picks for exciting destinations in 2016.

Whether you are a history buff, an adventurous spirit or you simply want to relax amid beautiful scenery, we’ve picked these amazing deals on unique tour packages, guaranteed to complete your travel experience. 

Need inspiration? Get inspired to travel to these exotic destinations so beautifully brought to life in these best-sellers.

Asia Pacific is known for many things – its colourful cities, cultural diversity, great shopping, sandy white beaches, amazing food and the list keeps getting longer. This week, marvel with us, as we explore the top natural wonders the region has to offer.