9 Destinations for a #pictureperfect Sakura Vacation

#CherryBlossoms or #Sakura – Pink blossoms that enchant with their ethereal beauty and give you a glimpse of heaven on earth. Ever stared at #instagood pictures of these glorious blooms and imagined making them part of your #feedgoals. #cherryblossomlove, #Sakuratunnels, #cloudsofpink,#romantic, #pinkheaven – Translate that dream of a great cherry blossom vacation into reality this year. Here are some sakura destinations that will help you achieve your Cherry Blossom #feedgoals.


#Tokyo provides you enough opportunities to click that perfect #cherryblossom #instashot. From streets that have tranformed into spectacular pink #Sakuratunnels to a buddha statue wrapped in #pinkblooms at the Sensoji temple gardens, Tokyo is the perfect stage for breathtakingly beautiful shots.

#Tokyo’s many gardens, temples and water bodies form the perfect background for #instagood #sakura pictures. #ShinjukuGyoen is a serenely beautiful oasis with 1,500 spectacular #cherryblossom trees and large open spaces. Imagine posing under the cherry blossoms in a colourful kimono or your #ootd for a spectacular picture like this instashot.

원없이벚꽃 #나카메구로

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#Nakameguro with its cherry-tree-lined canal has inspired many a popular #instashot. The roads lining the canal are perfect for an evening stroll with lanterns lighting up the flowers for a perfect #nighttime shot of the cherry blossoms.

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Want a shot that captures the beauty of both the ancient architecture of Kyoto and the glorious cherry blossoms? Frame the cherry blossoms against Kyoto’s beautiful temples, castles and palaces for an #instashot like the one below.

Take an absolutely #dreamy shot that almost looks like a #romaticpainting at the Philosophers Walk.

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For an #iconic Cherry Blossom shot, head to the #Osakacastle. The castle photographs well in all seasons but it looks spectacular when framed by cherry blossoms against the backdrop of the night sky. Take a look at this glorious #instashot.

Another reason we think the insta lover in you will be delighted with #Osaka is the beautiful riverside park of Kema Sakuranomiya. Ever dreamt of a cherry blossom picnic? Settle with your partner under one of the 5000 plus cherry blossom trees in this park for that perfect #hanami, #cherryblossompicnic shot at Kema Sakuranomiya Park.

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#Castles, #palaces, #mountains and rivers play the perfect backdrop for pretty #cherryblossoms in #Seoul. Get a perfect envy inducing #sakura shot for your feed in this South Korean city.

For a #springfestival shot, head to the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. Apart from over a 1800 cherry blossom trees creating a #canopyofpink, you can spot over 13 other types of spring blossoms. At night, the trees are lit up in brilliant colours and there are live performances to sit back and enjoy.

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#SakuraRain, #SakuraClouds, #CherryBlossomLove, #pinkclouds? How would you describe this beautiful experience in #busanspring?

Korean's Beot-Kkot is Japanese's Sakura. 🌸 #SakuraInBusan

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Busan’s batural beauty is exhilarating in spring. From #romanticwalks to #stunningviews, Busan offers a visual treat in Cherry Blossom season. Enjoy walking under a magical pink and white canopy at Dalmaji-gil Road, the Igidae Coastal Promenade, Gamcheon Culture Village, Mt. Hwangnyeong Ring Road, and Oncheon Stream Park.

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Jinhae in Cherry Blossom season is a delight for any instagrammer. Capture a train slowly making its way past beautiful pink petal showers at the Gyeonghwa Station. You are sure to get a #breathtaking photograph like this one.

Get an instaworthy #romantic picture at the “Romance Bridge” across the Yeojwacheon Stream. Tired from all the roaming and photography? Grab a sakura themed strawberry milk or a flower shaped bread to keep your stomach happy.

Accomodation options in Jinhae are limited. However, you can easily make a day trip to Jinhae from Busan.

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#Taipei – the city of glorious contrasts comes alive in #spring with glorious #cherryblossom blooms.  Within the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the Bihu Park, and the Songzhih Park form the perfect background to capture the beauty of the city and the season. #taipeispring

#sakura #sakurataiwan #武陵 #武陵櫻花

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However, the most glorious and memorable instashots of this season in Taipei are from the Wulai Hot Springs and Yangmingshan National Park. #Wulai offers many opportunities for beautiful #naturesglory shots. It is a perfect setting for hiking and you can even reserve a nights stay for some out of the world nighttime shots of the #sakura.

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If you ended up planning your spring trip a little late, head to #Alishan in Taiwan. Set at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, Alishan has over 19,000 cherry blossom trees. It is home to the highest number of #Yoshino cherry blossom trees valued for their abundant soft, white blooms. Take some #romantic instapictures of  these #ethereal pink and white blooms to light up your feed. You have a choice of photography spots at the Sea of Clouds, Giant Forest or aboard the Alishan Forest Railway.

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