5 Adorable HomeAways Made for Anyone Who Loves to Read

Curl up with your book in these cozy reading nooks that any self-respecting booknerd will find hard to resist. Share with all intrepid readers who are always in search of the perfect reading spot. Time to #readeverywhere, readers!

Cozy Villa Amid Rice Paddies, Bali


This beautiful villa is every bookworm’s dream reading spot from the comfy & inviting couches and of course, that incredible view of the serene rice paddies of Ubud in Bali! All you really need is a nice warm cuppa to complete this wonderful reading nook.

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Clifftop Beach View in Bali

Imagine tucking in on some good old Jane Austen while lounging by the deck with the company of the calming sounds of waves breaking and the gentle yet refreshing sea breeze. Bonus: front row seats to Bali’s amazing sunrise and sunset views.

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Cottage in a Forest, Hokkaido

The perfect holiday for any bookworm is to simply escape the noise of everyday and enjoy quiet, uninterrupted reading time. This beautiful cottage in Hokkaido is perfect for a bookish winter getaway. Close to the ski lifts of Niseko but still secluded enough to satisfy introverting with your book. With so much opportunity for a quiet reading time, don’t forget to bring along those chunky tomes in your TBR like Middlemarch or Infinite Jest that you’ve been meaning to pick up if you had more time!

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Idyllic Retreat in Ubud, Bali

For readers who are in search of the perfect outdoor reading spot. You’ll be surrounded by the lush greens of Bali and the relaxing and friendly company of ducks on the rice paddies or birds twittering on the tree tops and of course, a copy of your current read. Booknerds, time to call shotgun on these deck chairs!

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Beachfront hut in Koh Samui

In this beautiful hut in Koh Samui, the beach is just a few steps from your door. So grab your favourite beach reads, some sunblock and lounge by the beach all day!

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