10 vacation rental myths…busted !

If you’ve ever stayed at a vacation rental or holiday home, you’ll know tiny hotel rooms are no match for holiday homes at all, and for all the right reasons. However, if you are new to the whole ditch-the-hotel trend, you’re likely to come across these myths that might possibly – and unwittingly – dissuade you from opting for a vacation rental. Well, fret not. Here at HomeAway, we’re going to bust these myths. Yes, all 10 of them.

1. Vacation rentals aren’t safe:

HomeAway Singapore vacation rental
Smart Singapore apartment with great reviews

HomeAway’s platform enables you to review your host’s profile and contact him/her directly to ask as many questions as you have on your mind. Our review system also enables you to check the feedback from other guests who have stayed at a particular property. Looking for a fantastic apartment in Singapore with fabulous reviews?

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2. Staying at a vacation rental means no privacy:

HomeAway KL apartment
Whole apartment available for rent in Kuala Lumpur

While you may chose to stay at a vacation rental where the host resides in the property, most holiday homes on HomeAway are whole apartments where you have the entire home to yourself. Moreover, even when it’s the case of the former, most hosts are acutely aware of privacy concerns and will stay out of your way and happily provide you with all the exclusivity you need. Additionally, HomeAway has a very helpful feature wherein travelers can select ‘entire home’ which automatically filters all properties – showcasing only those that don’t have their hosts or other travelers.  So, if you are partying or sight-seeing in Kuala Lumpur with friends or family, pick a home and not just a room, for a unique personal experience.

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3. Homestays or holiday homes are only for budget travelers:

HomeAway Hong Kong
Hong Kong skyline at sunset

A look at some of our properties will assure you that the budgets catered to range from economical to uber luxurious. Our price slider tool filters results based on your budget, so anything way lower or much higher is automatically left out. So if you’re in Hong Kong, you can stay for as low as SGD 15 per night, and as high as SGD 4500!

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4. Vacation rentals are usually at far-out locations:

HomeAway group travel
Group of friends living it up on a holiday

Not always, and in fact quite the contrary in many instances where hosts actually highlight the vacation rental’s proximity to places of interest. You will find plenty of options to browse from, depending on what you prefer in your vicinity. Moreover, our neighborhood filter (live in multiple cities now) shows you properties that are in proximity to your desired locality.

5. Holiday Homes are always poorly maintained:

HomeAway Phuket villa
Deluxe private pool villa in Phuket

Most owners are very home proud and go to great lengths in ensuring that their properties are clean and well maintained. It is a business for them after all and who would want to rent out shoddy properties to prospective guests? Don’t believe us? Check out this budget but spic and span villa in Phuket.

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6. It is difficult to communicate with hosts:

HomeAway Host
Host welcoming her guests

At HomeAway, we ensure that this is the least of your concerns. We have a dedicated communication channel between hosts and guests and most owners are more than happy to answer even the smallest of your queries. In fact, if you so desire, many hosts would gladly meet you during check-in and take you through their homes, while dishing out valuable advice on where to eat, shop, explore, etc.

7. There is nobody to support or assist:

HomeAway customer care
HomeAway customer support to help you when you need it

In addition to enabling a communication channel between your host and you, HomeAway also has dedicated phone and round the clock email support. Additionally, you can also leave us a message on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels for a quick response. So when you book with us, we’re always around – and we mean that in the least creepy way possible!

8. There’s a big difference between expectation vs reality:

HomeAway Tokyo apartment
Beautiful traditional Japanese apartment in Tokyo

Most hosts post multiple, clear images of their properties along with all the necessary details of amenities, location etc. so you have comprehensive information of the place you’re likely to be staying at during your vacation. Moreover, do check out reviews of other guests, and also feel free to ask about anything you’re even remotely unsure of to your potential host.

9. Payment isn’t secure:


HomeAway payment
Secure payment when you book your stay on HomeAway

HomeAway boasts of a highly secure payment gateway, and you never need to have any direct financial transaction with your host – under any circumstances. Your payment is credited to your host only 24 hours after checking in. We recommend that you always book through our platform and never make any direct payments. In the rare instance that a host asks for it, please contact us on support@homeaway.asia so our customer care team can sort any issue for you.

10. Holiday homes are too expensive:

HomeAway Kuta Bali
Stunning yet affordable villa in Kuta, Bali

Not at all, actually. Properties listed on HomeAway suit all budgets, and even some of the most luxurious ones seem rather economical when you’re travelling in a large group and take the per person/per night calculation into account. To illustrate, this beautiful 2 bedroom villa with a private pool in Kuta, Bali could cost as low as S$20 per person per night if you are traveling in a group of 6.

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So now that you’re armed with all the facts, don’t hesitate to make a holiday home your preferred choice of accommodation. And if you’re looking for more reasons (which we never run out of), check out this article.

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