10 reasons why vacation rentals are ideal for family getaways

Picture yourself reminiscing on a rainy afternoon or looking back at memories as you stare at the myriad colours of the ocean ahead of you. Chances are that you are thinking of some precious moments you have spent with your family. Laughing at secret jokes, spending a lazy afternoon, or travelling together! From the cosy comfort of familiarity to the absolute inanity of arguments, family getaways colour our life, giving it the perfect hues of happiness.

At HomeAway we are in the job of creating these memories for you. And we take it rather seriously! Reason enough for us to whisk away Joy Toh to Bali with her four siblings’ and their families to celebrate Fathers’ Day with their dad, Toh Yiew Yong. It was a celebration of gratitude, love, childhood stories, and new memories.

The highlight of their trip — celebrating their togetherness in an amazing property! And their experience shows us reasons why vacation rentals are perfect for family getaways.  Find out more here:

1. The massive size of the properties is perfect for large families

Large families need large spaces. Cramming families, cousins, aunts into small rooms with limited common areas takes away the fun of a family getaway. “We were pleasantly surprised at the size of the property, especially since we were traveling with the entire extended family; 12 of us! As land is scarce in Singapore, we are not used to living in very spacious homes. For this Bali trip, it really felt like we were the only ones there “holiday-ing away”, which made the experience even more special,” Joy said.

2. Vacation rentals give families a chance to spend quality time together

A game of monopoly, a poker night, a favourite movie, or just a long chit-chat session well into the night — families need their comfortable space to unwind and enjoy. The vacation rental properties are large homes that come with pleasant and welcoming common areas, perfect for families to get together and have a great time. Joy completely agrees. “Staying in a vacation rental allowed us to spend quality time as a family. With everyone’s busy schedule, this can be very difficult to coordinate these days. It was great that we didn’t have to worry about them being too noisy, since there were no other guests who might have complained.”

3. The properties offer complete privacy to enjoy me-time

Holidays with families can get a tad overwhelming. There is a whole lot of emotional frenzy of being together, and if you add kids to the mix, the madness just multiplies. And since it is a holiday after all, you are completely justified to seek some private time. And here’s where vacation rental properties are perfect. They come with numerous snug corners, which allow you to curl up with a book. Some have gardens, where you can head out for long walks. Joy agrees. “We appreciated that the property was big enough for each family member to enjoy some relaxing alone-time and privacy, while at the same time allowing us to come together and connect when we felt like it.”

4. Vacation rental homes are ideal for kids

“For the kids, it was just one big sleepover party. Even though they had their own rooms, they all ended up sleeping in ONE room together. They had a really good time running, roaming freely and even chasing the property’s chicken!” says Joy.  We get the picture! For kids, the space, the privacy and the freedom of HomeAways is perfect to explore and feed their curiosity. Many property owners provide games or toys for kids, so your little ones are likely to be busy, while you enjoy some holiday time.

5. There are no schedules that you need to keep when staying at HomeAways

Breakfast closes at 10am. Who hasn’t heard that before! Come vacation rentals, and these deadlines can die a well-deserving, quick death. Joy’s family enjoyed the flexibility. “We could wake up at our own discretion and eat meals as a huge family in a comfortable setting without feeling rushed.” Ahh the blissful feeling of no routines! And that’s the whole point of a family holiday, isn’t it? Where you decide all the rules. “There were no disturbances throughout our stay, no cleaners or hotel managers knocking on the doors, and no potential complaints from other guests for being too noisy,” says Joy.

6. Great amenities for the whole family

There is only that much ‘chilling’ you can do without getting bored – if you don’t believe us, ask your kids! Vacation rentals usually have plenty of amenities enough to keep the little ones entertained. “A highlight was definitely the large pool that we had to ourselves; a child’s dream come true!” says Joy. She elaborates, “It was a time of relaxation for the entire family, and we pampered ourselves with massages that we were able to arrange for at the villa. Amazing food and service, too. We enjoyed some of the delicious fresh juices that the villa staff would prepare for us every day.”

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7. Cost effective in comparison to hotels

Hotels can be rather pricey, even in off-season, especially when it comes to the luxury 5-star ones. However, you can get the same luxurious facilities in a HomeAway, while saving a lot of money. Moreover, hotel rooms don’t come equipped with kitchens and you need to either order room service or eat out, considerably adding to your budget. In a HomeAway, you always have the option of buying some local produce and whipping up a quick meal for the family. Remember how dad always brags about making the best omelettes?  He can prove it here!

8. The unmatched personal feel of HomeAways

Hotels may offer a perfectly predictable experience, but the almost corporate-like feel can sometimes ruin the fun, family experience that you’re seeking. When you’re in a HomeAway, it’s almost like you’re staying at your own house – but just in another land far away. So the kids can come into your room and snuggle up, just like how they do at home – much to your annoyance or joy depending on the time of the night! At a hotel, you’re all likely to be cooped up in different rooms, and the feeling just isn’t the same. Also, vacation rentals give you a glimpse of local culture, with the owner usually giving the best tips on places to visit, what to eat, etc. – much better than a hotel concierge will!

9. Creating memories to last a lifetime

More time together in one place = more memories. HomeAways provide the ideal environment for creating fantastic experiences. Joy confirms, “What made this trip memorable was the reason why we went. Being able to gather all my family members in one place to surprise my dad for being such a hero in our lives is something I will remember for the rest of my life. This wouldn’t have been possible without finding the perfect place for the entire family through HomeAway. The trip reminded us to put family first and to prioritize spending time together, showing my dad the love he deserves.”

10. HomeAway is always with you

A little cheeky brand plug here, but this does deserve to make it to the list. There is a belief that hotels provide a safer experience, but this is a myth. At HomeAway, we go the additional mile to ensure that your trip isn’t just memorable but completely safe. We have effective checks and processes in place to ensure the safety of all guests, and our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you.  Moreover – what’s safer? The entire family being together under one roof or the separation of hotel rooms?

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